Products and Services

Crusher Runs
All types of crusher run material are available from 75mm to 10mm as limestone product or recycled product.

Clean Stones
75mm to 10mm similar sized limestone are available.

Recycling Facilities
Went valley offers tipping facilities for clean concrete and hard core materials which are then processed into crushed dry screened products or can be washed to produce grit sands and recycled washed aggregates.

Agricultural Lime
The quarry produces a high quality magnesium limestone dust which is available to all our aggregate merchants.

Washing Plant
Together with our dry screened range of materials the quarry has just installed a new complete wash plant capable of producing 250 -300 T/P/H. This new plant also includes a MAITEK filter press to produce a dry cake which is available for both restoration purposes and infill to various projects. The plant has a complete water treatment filtration system built in to the plant which allows all water to be cleaned and reused in the washing process.
The plant produces a washed grit sand / washed 10mm / 20mm /40mm products all of which are graded to current specifications.

TARMAC PLANNINGS NOW AVAILABLE  please message for details